Acoustic Reggae by Pilo

Pilo plays Acoustic Reggae on just one acoustic guitar – and creates rhythm and sound like a whole band 😀

with his unique technic of guitar playing you just feel like listening to a reggae band. Pilo performs his heartwarming songs by simultaneously beating rhythm patterns on guitar while singing and playing basslines and rhythm guitar parts. Just easy listening!

Pilo´ Acoustic Reggae on Soundcloud:

Dancing in the warm summer rain on Soundcloud

1979 (Babylon by bus) on Soundcloud

Pilo´s live performance is about 1 hour.
Following Up a „Funky Reggae Party“ with Live Vinyl Reggae DJ „Pilo“ is possible!

Announcing new album „Healing your Soul“ for Summer 2024:

Album with the following songs:

  1. 1979 (Babylon by bus)
  2. Dancing in the warm summer rain
  3. The River
  4. Tropical Fruits
  5. Black Bananas
  6. Boundless Love
  7. Mouhamed Dramé
  8. Monkey Mind
  9. Healing your Soul
  10. My Five Senses
  11. moon-eyed child
  12. Stand up and try again